Vision of the Tech4Biowaste partners

John Vos, BTG:

“We will assess the needs of industrial actors and meet these with a Wikipedia-style database that once operational both the ‘users’ and the ‘suppliers’ of the database will help to maintain. We will provide a comprehensive overview of biowaste technologies, and an associated technology matching and comparison toolset, covering existing and emerging technologies at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4 and higher. We will design the database so that it can be kept up-to-date and even expanded (covering other renewable feedstocks) until well after project completion.”

— John Vos, BTG / Tech4Biowaste Coordinator

Stef Denayer, BBEPP:

“In the upscaling of the industrial bioeconomy, we already have a European-wide platform of valuable shared facilities, called Pilots4U. It is with great interest that we have now started to build an intelligent platform for technologies that will give insight into the upcycling potential of biowaste. The world needs a fast materials transition and both these platforms will certainly help the active players to get the best fitting processes faster to market.”

— Stef Denayer, Stakeholder Relations Manager of Tech4Biowaste and the Pilots4U network

Lars Krause, nova-Institute:

“As the initiator of the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI), we are supporting the transition of a fossil-based industry to a renewable carbon economy. This can be realised through three renewable carbon sources (bio-based, CO2-based, recycling-based). The recycling of biowaste and respective technologies will be key to realise a renewable carbon economy. We would therefore like to provide a technology database for biowaste recycling which will bring together all stakeholders along the value chain at a central platform.”

— Lars Krause, Staff Scientist at nova-Institute’s technology and markets department